Jose: I’ve been taking a break from all things comics right before the biggest Canadian convention in late August and a San Diego Comic Con break. Let’s get to it. 

1. Batman Eternal #15, DC Comics, W/ Snyder, Fawkes, Layman, Tynion IV & Seeley, A/ Nguyen, Fridolfs & Kalisz 

Well, the art takes a drastic change here with Nguyen taking the reigns. I’m not 100% convinced about the art…it’s too cartoony. Not my cup of tea. Also, the supernatural and unrealistic situations aren’t my cup of tea so as you can guess this issue was slow for me. It had some story progression but not enough to save it from the other crap. Plus…add the dragged out story between Harper Row and Red Robin. I believe this was the slowest and most disappointing issue of Eternal out of the fifteen that have been released. The Pylon and Joker’s Daughter are featured in this issue alongside with Mister Bygone. By the way, who the hell is Mister Bygone? Adding Batwoman to the Eternal series could be interesting and  add different unique dynamics to the book. Overall, a slow and uninteresting comic with mushy art. BUT there is some progression. 

Verdict: 2.8/5

2. Robin Rises: Omega #1, DC Comics, W/ Tomasi, A/ Kubert & Glapion 

What a b-e-a-utiful cover by Andy Kubert for this One-Shot that will continue in the Batman & Robin series. The art inside is beautiful as well and the paper used to print it on adds to the effect of it. It is beautiful and amazing. Let’s get to the three purposes this book serves;

1. A recap and origin story of Damian Wayne just to refresh your mind or get you educated on it. 

2. To showcase a big battle/ war in order for you to see how important Damian is to the DCU and Batman. 

3. To pump you up for the return of  Damian in the Batman & Robin series and for you to of course…buy it. 

Now the question is, was it successful in doing all three? Was it good? A waste of time? Yes…it was successful and entertaining all throughout. We quickly learn that the battle is for Damian’s coffin that holds a Chaos Shard that is important to the villains. Pure action, adrenalin and surprise superhero appearances make this one shot a must buy. It is a must read. As of now, Batman is going to Apokalips to get Damian’s stolen coffin. I will add the Batman & Robin title to my pull list, no doubt. 

Verdict: 4/5 

3. Elektra #4, Marvel Comics, W/ Blackman, A/ Del Mundo

I know I probably have been saying this a lot lately but holy shit, what a cover and art by Del Mundo. Always a pleasure to see this art in comic books. Really well done! The story in this issue was great! I think this fourth issue is my favourite of the series so far. The art by Del Mundo and colours by D’Alfonso just shine more than usual for some reason. The splash pages are fantastic and glide smoothly as you read them. There is not that much action in this issue, which is okay because we get more emotion from Elektra. I personally think we should see some emotion from Elektra because seeing her cut shit up just because is what is going to drag this book down. We need to see different dimensions and depth to her in order to keep intrigued and buying this title. But don’t worry folks, I’m sure the fifth issue will have action all over the place. I don’t want to say much about this issue because you have to read it to experience it. 

Verdict: 4/5 

4. Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International San Diego, DC Comics, W/ Various, A/ Various 

Hyped for SDCC? Get this one! The art is spread out by various artists…I’m not a fan. There are just too many styles all at once which makes it hard to read for some reason. We get some fun cameo appearances by DC artists and Stephen Amell. This is just a regular one-shot that you should get just to have as a collector’s piece in the future or collect dust. 

Verdict: ?/5 

JOSE: My updated pull list will be released in August. Keep it here. I hope you are all enjoying your summer.