Comic Book Reviews Update

August 28th, 2014
Time: 2:33 am

Ladies and Gentlemen, you’ve all been messaging the following; where are the comic reviews for the month of August? Have you given up on the blog? Are you not collecting anymore? Are you lazy? Where are you, man? Well, I am here writing this entry because you all deserve the truth and hopefully it will answer all your questions. 

I have not been doing any reviews for the month of August because I decided to take a break, for this month, on blogging and social media. I’ve concentrated my time with my family, girlfriend, work, sports, novels, job applications and video games. I’ve just been enjoying my time in August without the comics. After a month long sabbatical, I will be back in September with a special blog entry for the month of August. This blog entry will be a review of all the comics I have read and picked up in August. Look at it as a special where certain comic will be highlighted. I apologize for not telling you this sooner and appreciate that you are all still with me in this journey of comic book reviewing. It really means a lot to me. 

So what’s next??? Well, three things to look forward to here, folks. First up as I said, my Comic Book Reviews for August 2014 special will be up sometime in the first week of September. Following that we will have my Fan Expo 2014 Yearly Review. Day by Day. You do all remember that, right? And lastly, the comic book reviews will pick up after this on a weekly basis until the end of the year. Will I continue with these reviews in 2015? It’s too early to call but only time will tell. You will all be the first ones to know. I promise. 

In conclusion, I thank you for supporting this humble blog of my thoughts, ideas and ramblings. It means a lot to this nerd. Until September folks, live long and prosper. I’m off to Fan Expo 2014 tomorrow!

Who is going with me? 

Jose Solorzano