JOSE: Ladies and Gentlemen, the weather is changing and I love it. The Walking Dead is coming back on TV soon, Gotham is premiering next week and the comics keep on pouring in. Let’s get to the comics. 

1. Batman Eternal #23, DC Comics, W/ Snyder, Fawkes, Tynion IV & Seeley, A/ Ngyuen, Fridolfs & Kalisz 

Here we have a Catwoman feature issue of Eternal. We also continue to see Batman deal with Hush & The Architect. I somewhat enjoyed this issue but it didn’t have the ‘oomph’ of the other Eternal issues I have read. The one thing that didn’t make this issue a eternal drag, pardon the pun, was Catwoman dealing with her family issues. She is dragged to Arkham Asylum to meet with her father, Rex Calabrese ‘The Lion’. Her Father tells her that the Calabrese name can end the war in Gotham but Selina refuses to use that name. Clearly she has a broken relationship with her Dad. It was a interesting dynamic to read and what saved this issue from total disaster. Lt. Bard is seen at the end telling Mayor Hady to declare Martial Law in Gotham due to the violent fallout it has seen. I’m intrigued and interested. Let’s get to it. 

Verdict: 2.75/5 

2. Death of Wolverine #2, Marvel Comics, W/ Soule, A/ McNiven 

The Viper is clearly the main villain here which is really interesting as Wolverine has a slew of villains that I feel could’ve been showcased better in this series, but what can I do? Logan’s disguise was pretty well thought of because it is a disguise that works. If I hadn’t known any better, I wouldn’t have thought that was Wolverine at all. What I really enjoyed in this issue of Death of… was the appearance of many well-known characters we have met throughout Wolverine’s existence. McNiven’s and Ponsor’s art is highlighted to a near perfect, if not perfect score, on the splash page of Wolverine vs. Sabrtooth. It is a epic splash page that binds the past with the present. Japan is the next location for Wolverine…so much for featuring Canada, eh? 

Verdict: 3.75/5 

3. The New 52 Futures End; Batman #1, DC Comics, W/ Fawkes & Snyder, A/ ACO 

Five years into the future and Batman is old, fragile & at the brink of death. This was a very enjoyable one shot with action and suspense. My only gripe was the art, it was just O.K. In this one-shot Batman is on a mission to make sure that Gotham always has a protector, a guardian and caped crusader, a Batman. In order to do this he has to literally raid one of Lex Luthor’s buildings. There he makes a discovery, ensue the battle sequences and Batman victory. This one-shot was so good that it make become a series. I can see it become a series. Great stuff, minus the mundane art. 

Verdict: 4/5 

4. The Amazing Spider-Man #006, Marvel Comics, W/ Slott, A/ Ramos 

LMFAO! J. Jonah Jameson is a egomaniac! I loved that by JJJ covering Spider-Man’s face, it wasn’t a complete letdown that a revelation wasn’t made. It was a good deflection. No doubt. The action sequences drawn by Humberto Ramos are intense, bright and engaging. Cindy Moon a.k.a. Silk is beautiful. I hope we see more of her as we progress with this new Amazing Spider-Man title. In this issue we see progression with Parker Industries, Felicia Hardy and Cindy Moon. Slott warns us that trouble in on the horizon but when is it not in this title? 

Verdict: 4/5 

5. Edge of Spider-Verse; Spider-Man Noir #1, Marvel Comics, W/ Hine, A/  Sapolsky 

The big limited series is finally here! Edge of Spider-Verse starts here featuring Spider-Man Noir in the first issue of five. Edge of Spider-Verse, or EOSV, will see us take a glimpse of the Spider characters that will play a big role in stopping the big threat. Spider-Man Noir is way more interesting than the current Spider-Man. Sorry, just saying. If after reading  this title you can’t see that, you need help. Noir shines here as a solo story and at the 3/4 mark of this issue, EOSV gets hyped and introduced well. This issue did a better job at introducing the big event than Superior Spider-Man #32 did. The art by Sapolsky was great and fit the time of New York 1939. This was a wonderfully enjoyable issue that is filled with action and suspense. Pick this series up, please. I’m looking forward to the next four issues. 

Verdict: 5/5 *Perfect Comic* 

6. The Walking Dead #131, Image Comics, W/ Kirkman, A/ Adlard 

This was a Carl-centric issue and to be honest, even though I hate him, I didn’t hate it at all. Maybe Carl taking on more adult situations and themes will make him interesting. In this issue we have MAJOR story progression. 

1. Sophia is a tough young lady. What a change.
2. New character Dante is in love with Maggie. 
3. Carl is going to be a apprentice at the Hilltop, after all
4. Michonne is finally mentioned? Where is she? I need to know. 
5. Magna and her crew have a few questions.

It was a very loaded issue but it didn’t feel rushed or overwhelming. The writing was quick and straight to the point. Nothing wrong with it. It served its purpose. The art by Adlard is either improving or getting a lot more detailed than before. Overall, a great issue of The Walking Dead. Very story progressive and character development. 

Verdict: 4.5/5

JOSE: On to the next week.  

Comic Book Reviews for the MONTH of August 2014 


Jose: Well, the time has come. If you all have been following this blog, you all know that I took the month of August off from reviewing and reading comic books. But now, I am here reviewing the comics that were in my pull list in August. We are going to do things a little differently than usual. There are over 12 comics that I picked up this month so I’m not going to review every single one. I picked the five comics to feature this month. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best or perfect but the ones that stood out to me. Now without more delay…here we go.

Comics: Week of August 6th, 2014 

1. Batman Eternal #18, DC Comics 
    Verdict: 3/5 

2. The Superior Spider-Man #032, Marvel Comics.
    Verdict: 2.5/5 

3. Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #004, Marvel Comics, W/ Bendis, A/ Marquez 

This is what we have been waiting for ladies and gents…the gigantic battle! This issue is riddles with action from top to bottom. The art by Marquez really shines and Ponsor’s colours just add to their wonder. Katie Bishops’ scene with her sister was sad and served the ‘calm before the storm’ idea. When Peter Parker appeared to help Miles, I enjoyed watching everybody’s reaction. It was very well done. Venom Blast to the rescue goddamit. I really enjoyed the ending and was thoroughly entertained. I am very hyped for the next issue of this series. Well-done. Bendis > Slott. =) 

Verdict: 5/5 *Perfect Comic* 

Comics: Week of August 13th, 2014 

1. Batman Eternal #19, DC Comics
    Verdict: 3/5 

2. Batman #34, DC Comics
    Verdict: 4/5 

3. The Walking Dead #130, Image Comics, W/ Kirkman, A/ Adlard 

Let’s get this out of the way, my prediction was way to predictable to happen. I should’ve known better. Negan is still all alone and we are going to have to wait until he is free. It is nice to see Hilltop and Maggie once again. Unfortunately this is overshadowed by the presence of Rick at the Hilltop, he is treated like a GOD. As if you didn’t know already, Carl annoys the fuck out of me. What made this issue extremely wonderful and interesting was the final portrait. Marco’s discovery of the walkers can really change things drastically in the series. It is something I will welcome not matter what the outcome is because it has us all talking already. 

Verdict: 4/5 

4. The Amazing Spider-Man #05, Marvel Comics, W/ Slott, A/ Ramos  

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but what a perfect comic. We get story progression, character development, action, humour, and anticipation for the next issue. It is one of the best issues I have read from Dan Slott. Just when I thought Slott couldn’t deliver, he delivers. Cindy Moon is a great new character that I hope stays on in THIS series. J. Jonah Jameson might’ve probably found the role of his lifetime as a TV host, it just works! I’m actually excited for the next issue, Slott what have you done to me? I’m a believer now?!?!?! Damn. Overall, perfect and a great read. 

Verdict: 5/5 *Perfect Comic* 

Comics: Week of August 20th, 2014 

1. Batman Eternal #20, DC Comics
    Verdict: 3.5/5 

2. Batman & Robin #34, DC Comics
    Verdict: 4/5 

3. Elektra #005, Marvel Comics

4. The Fade Out, Image Comics, W/ Brubaker, A/ Phillips 

I appreciate the list and portraits of the main characters of this new title from Image at the beginning. It just aids the reader and makes understanding this comic easier. Clearly this isn’t your regular superhero series and I love it for that. The art by Phillips and writing by Brubaker is more than formidable. The style and genre is so different from what I read on a daily basis that I really enjoy sitting back and reading this book over and over again. This is a Golden-Aged detective/ crime story. It is very fun, raunchy, classy and well written for its setting. What I mean by this is that it deals with sexism, racism, classism and anti-semitism. It was what was going on at those times and I appreciate these little features. It shows that the creators care and have done their research. I will continue this series and you should to, or start it. It’s not too late. 

Verdict: 4/5 

Comics: Week of August 27th, 2014 

1. Batman Eternal #21, DC Comics
    Verdict: 3.5/5 

2. Saga #22, Image Comics
    Verdict: 3.75/5 

3. Amazing Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl #1.4, Marvel Comics
    Verdict: ?/5 

4. Outcast #3, Image Comics, W/ Kirkman, A/ Azaceta 

I think what really shines in this issue is the writing by Kirkman. The Reverend’s long monologue while he was playing cards and the scene where Kyle and his neighbour break bread are excellent examples at how good Kirkman is at writing. We learn a lot about the characters from the writing but at the same time we are entertained. At least I was. The writer, Kirkman, has to shine as we are still learning who Kyle and the surrounding characters are. It is a slow process but it seems to be necessary for this series. I am patiently waiting. 

Verdict: 4/5 

JOSE: That’s it. Hope you all enjoyed.