JOSE: A pretty good week of comics folks. Take a look here. 

1. Batman Eternal #24, DC Comics, W/ Snyder, Fawkes, Tynion IV, Higgins & Seeley, A/ Clarke & Blond

Finally Stephanie Brown and her Father, ClueMaster, have the battle we have been waiting for. It was filled with action that had history behind it. With that being said, it was a very enjoyable issue of Eternal. The art by Andy Clarke just elevated the story to a whole different level. The art was phenomenal. I think it is safe to say or assume that ClueMaster and co. are working for Hush? I mean the man ClueMaster is talking to looks like Hush’s shadow. What do you guys think? Can it be Lt. Bard? Who knows with this series because it can go anywhere. Why did Stephanie Brown choose Spoiler as her name? I get why but…why? Know what I mean? Overall, a great issue of Eternal that can stand as its own one-shot featuring the Brown’s history. 

Verdict: 4.5/5 

2. The New 52 Futures End; Batman & Robin #1, DC Comics, W/ Fawkes A/ Nguyen

Five years into the future and we have a new Robin, the young African-American kid Batman spoke to in the Zero Year, Duke. Batman is fighting the Heretic, who we all know famously killed Damian. We get epic fight panels illustrated by Nguyen of Batman vs. Heretic. The Batman is frail, old and weak much like the one we saw in The New 52 Futures End; Batman #1. I like how the continuity, five years into the future, reflects in each Batman title. I wanted to see who was under the Heretic’s mask! I really did. It could’ve been anyone. I guess we will leave that to our imagination. This was a story of letting go, trust and having faith in your partner. Great stuff. 

Verdict: 4.5/5 

3.Edge of Spider-Verse; Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman #2, Marvel Comics, W/ Latour, A/ Rodriguez

Things are so different in the Spider-Verse with Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman. I mean to star, Peter Parker dies, Mary Jane is a bitch, Gwen is a drummer, Daredevil is involved in this universe, Lizard, JJJ and a very different looking Rhino. The art suits the change in this ‘verse’, it adds a girly feel it to match the almost all girl cast. I didn’t think this book was worth 100% of the hype but it was enjoyable nonetheless. The revelation at the end between Gwen and her Father was heartfelt and meaningful. It wasn’t by accident or coincidental, it was just the right time, right place. This issue plants some seems for the Amazing Spider-Man #9 with a British looking Spider-Man?!?! Where are they going with all of this. Hopefully it all makes sense at the end and it is not a convoluted mess. 

Verdict: 3/5 

4. Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #5, Marvel Comics, W/ Bendis, A/ Marquez

We finally see the Spider Bandits again and I wonder who they are working for? Any guesses? My guess would have to be Kingpin? Maria Hill is more of a ‘Alfred’ than a Detective towards Miles Morales. I think it is good for Miles to have someone on his side on the LAW side of things. I guess we can also see Maria Hill as a Detective James Gordon. The best part of this issue is the sit down conversation between J. Jonah Jameson and Norman Osborn. It was such a intense, suspenseful and terrifying scene. Very well done by Bendis and illustration by Marquez. Finally we will learn in the next issue who this Peter Parker is and folks, this can’t be the end for Norman. Right? 

5. The Superior Spider-Man #033, Marvel Comics, W/ Slott, A/ Camuncoli

Well, with this issue, Superior Spider-Man ends???? Who knows at this point. I don’t know if it is just me but I find the book overwhelming with dialogue and art. There is so much shit stuffed into panels and on the page. I don’t even feel the need to read the damn book. I appreciate the splash page of all the Spiders from the different Universes coming together but the rest is too much. Is this just me or do people feel the same way? Overall, it is too dense and not needed. In my honest opinion. You are all free to comment and argue, respectfully.

Verdict: ?/5 

JOSE: And with this, on to the next week. =)