JOSE: Tuesdays…I told you. 

1. Batman Eternal #26, DC Comics, W/ Snyder, Fawkes, Tynion IV, Higgins & Seeley, A/ Garron & Fajardo, Jr. 

Killer Croc is on the hunt for Jade so she can return to his tribe in the sewers of Gotham where he lives, Batgirl has a personal vendetta to settle with LT. Bard and new mob families are being introduced to the Batman Eternal world. We have the Ibanescu Family and The Whispers causing mayhem around Gotham. I hope they are here for a short while because we have enough going on without them already but if they do stay, it better be meaningful. Catwoman has a falling out with Batman but the scene where she reflects on it with a stray cat was cute and touching.  My favourite part about this issue was The Spoiler making contact with Batman through a letter she wrote and pinned on a villain. Just for the record, a no name uninteresting villain named, Eduardo Flamingo. Up next we have Mr. Bone v.s. Catwoman and remember she is more powerful than she seems. I wonder where this will go. 

Verdict: 4/5 

2. The Amazing Spider-Man #007, Marvel Comics, W/ Slott & Gage, A/ Camuncoli 

Just like the new Ms. Marvel series, this issue was slow and took a nose dive from the success of issues #5 and #6. Cindy Moon is still around, which I love, but so is Anna Maria Marconi. Get rid of her. She is annoying and still reminds us of Otto. She is that last piece of Superior Spider-Man in the series and I hate it. She needs to die or leave. Please. These two issues will be filler until Edge of Spider-Verse officially begins in issue #9. We get to know Spider-UK and…nothing too interesting. 

Final Verdict: 2.5/5 

3. Batman #35 ENDGAME PART 1, DC Comics, W/ Snyder, A/ Capullo 

Finally, ENDGAME is here! I had no idea what this arc was going to be about and I wanted to keep it that way just to keep things fresh in the Batman world for me. Zero Year was exhausting, but great, and I think not knowing what the next arc would revolve around was a good idea. And man, what a great idea it was. What a great issue to start this new chapter in Batman! The art, as always, is fantastic by Capullo and my favourite piece of art in this issue were the illustrations of the Gotham Royal Theatre. Just beautiful and stunning. Everything about this issue is great, almost near perfect, but I have one huge gripe with it.  I feel this should’ve been released after Batman Eternal concluded. Right away, we find out that ENDGAME takes place after the events of Batman Eternal. Why? It takes away from the magic of Eternal, which is a very good series, and in a way spoils some things that will happen and come out of the series. Maybe Synder has a plan, I hope he does, but right now on paper it is a huge gripe I have. Nonetheless, the new Bat Bunker is modern and cool. The new mechanical suit that cost Bruce a fortune in the Black Market is awesome! Look out for a toy in the near future of it, trust me. Moving along, it was weird and interesting watching the Justice League attack and beat the crap out of Batman. But of course everything has a answer… He’s BAAAAAAAACK! That final portrait page of the issue, WOW. 

Verdict: 4.5/5 

4. Wytches #1, Image Comics, W/ Snyder, A/ Jock 

Wytches is released just in time for Halloween and I’ve been anticipating this books for several months now. Snyder has really delivered quality books over the past several years and after reading this, he is still on a roll. In Wytches we meet two families right off the bat, with one leaving us really early in the book, the Cray Family and Rooks Family. The Rooks family consists of three main characters here;

1. Sail Rooks; the daughter who pledged a young girl to the Wytches prior to the books start without her knowing what she did. 

2. Charles Rooks; the father who keeps Sail calm after her distress and a graphic novel writer/artist.

3. Luce Rooks; the mother who is paralyzed from a accident she had.

This is the basis for the first issue, learning the surroundings, characters and origin story of the events that happened prior to what we are going to learn from the upcoming issues. Man, poor Annie and Sail has been tormented ever since and is still being tormented even though they moved. Some weird stuff is happening around the families home and I want to know more and explore Wytches. Great stuff, Snyder. The art…well it’s Jock. Come on. 

Verdict: 4/5 

JOSE: Tony Daniel’s Deathstroke is being released  in the next two weeks and I am looking forward to it.